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Range Rat Combo

Range Rat Combo

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The Range Rat Combo is perfect for the serious golfer who is at the range often and realizes the benefit of video feedback. This combo contains the iRangeSports Stick Lite with its patented stake as well as the detachable, easy to store, and lightweight indoor stand. Whether your driving range is a grass, matts, or both,  you will always be able to easily record your swings. You can even use the indoor stand inside a simulator, in the gym, or any flat surface.  


- Light weight
- Fits easily in any size golf bag
- Usable on any phone
- Very steady footage
- Use on driving the range and on the course
- Works with most air vents magnet holders in vehicles
- Allows for vertical and horizontal footage
- Ready for indoor use within 15 seconds

Range Rat Combo includes:

- 1 fixed monopod, 1 removable stake, and 1 magnetic point
- 1 aluminum collapsible indoor stand
- 2 thin metal plate with 3M adhesive
- 1 MagSafe Puck
(Phone case not included)


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Product Dimensions:

Monopod - 37 inches X 1 inch x 1 inch
Weight: 27.20 ounces
Collapsible Indoor Stand: 11 inches X 11 inches X 1 inch
Weight: 16.0 ounces

Round Metal Plate - 1.5 inches in diameter
MagSafe Puck - 2.25 inches in diameter
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